Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Women of Grace Retreat Group Blog

Women of Grace... this post is all yours! Go ahead... add your comments about upcoming and past retreats. Use it as a point of communication with other members of your retreat group. Share your experiences. And be enriched by others...


  1. The Women of Grace retreat has to be one of the most powerful retreats I have ever attended. Johnnette Benkovic and Fr. Sylvia were amazing. I would have never expected Johnnette to be so powerful in her talks. Oh my goodness, she came off the floor when she talked. I left there on a spiritual high.

  2. This is my third Women of Grace rereat and this was the best. Each year I have grown closer to Our Lord and His Blessed Mother. The grounds are so beautiful and a perfect spot for meditation and reflection for the thoughts that have been stirred up in me by Johnnette and Father Ed. I look forward to next year!

  3. What a beautiful time with the Lord and Our Lady. Johnnette was on fire and I was touched by Father Sylvia's talk to us. The candlelight procession was beautiful and I felt Mary was smiling down from Heaven on her daughters.

  4. Ladies,
    I have been on 2 Women of Grace Retreats and they were both superb! Both Fr. Sylvia and Johnnette are inspiring, Spirit-filled and uplifting. You will be truly spiritually fed "good, solid food" and leave stuffed! Additionally, the fellowship is wonderful as are the grounds and the entire retreat program.
    You will grow in your relationship with the Lord, the Blessed Mother and as an authentic Catholic Woman.
    A good investment....


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