Monday, December 20, 2010

The Mid-May Blog

Mid-May Group... this post is all yours! Go ahead... add your comments about upcoming and past retreats. Use it as a point of communication with other members of your retreat group. Share your experiences. And be enriched by others...


  1. What a fantastic retreat last weekend! Fr. Dennis' words cracked open the door to "the impression that God made in my heart before time began."
    It was rewarding to spend quality time with my father-in-law... he's a happy person when he's at Malvern... and with his physical condition, any happiness he finds is happiness for the whole family.
    It was also rewarding to see such a huge turn-out.

  2. Yesterday I received an e-mail from Dave White that said "Lou, congratulations on your outstanding performance in leading Mid May with 266 retreatants. You are to be commended for the turnaround in numbers. When you get a chance give me a call. I'd like to learn from your success. Dave".

    So I call him and told him that you and Joe & I prayed a lot and how we sent out e-mail messages, made phone calls and sent reminders to all the associate captains and all the men on the list to remind them to made reservations for the weekend.

    His comment was there was nothing majacical about what we did just a lot of hard work that paid off. I agree our hard work paid off.

    Thanks again for your efforts. I know that Joe truly enjoys being able to come on retreat but it takes a huge effort on your part.


  3. Lou, there may not be anything magical about how you increased your numbers this past retreat but we all know you worked and worked to bring more men to Christ. You set the standard for all of us to work harder, pray more and believe in the men's retreat group. Thanks Lou for being a leader to all of us. I'm going to call you.

  4. Lou - keep up the good work; don't forget to send me the email spreadsheet.

  5. There is a time at Malvern that is special. It is dusk -- and at Malvern in May I sit in front of the St. Joseph's Library which overlooks the hill. The sky is soft as it slowly dims. The silence envelopes me in its peace and I sit on a bench that must have welcomed several thousand people. A vast carpet of grass streches out before me. There is a gentle and most refreshing breeze tonight.

    It is hard to describe such peace in terms that can either convey properly what I feel or really give adequacy to the desciption. How do you describe a peace that surrounds you, infills your soul, and washes through your very being so that you wish this moment would never end? I love Peter Kreeft's description of Heaven: "it is the sunset so beautiful that you wish it would never end -- and it never does" This evening I wish I could sit here and be a part of this peace forever. In a mad world, this place is a refuge of silence and sanity, a place to walk, to think, to pray.

    Could one ask for more?

  6. As always, another fantastic retreat. I appreciate the peace and solitude of the grounds at Malvern. It's easy to get lost in contemplation... and that's something that most places in this world don't offer. Fr. Steve Baker brings an inspiring mix of humanity and spirituality to his talks. I'd like to see more opportunities for spiritual discussion.

  7. This was my first retreat and hopefully not my last. I didn't know what to expect, so I went with an open mind. I got the most from the retreat by walking the grounds and just listening to what came to me. I can honestly say that it was a changing experience for me. I see the life God gave me differently now, and my wife can't wait for me to go next year!

  8. Hello dear friends in Christ!
    Fabulous retreat, so grateful to have had that opportunity! I loved all of it and miss you all. I'll have to see financially and with my teaching and possible mission-schedule, if I can attend future retreats, who knows! Come to Reno and you have a place to stay and gamble! I especially would like to keep in contact with Carla from OH, Lucy from CT, Patty, Kathllen, and Ann from NY, and Celeste from NJ. Please email me at

    I have missed the Northeast in so many ways for so many years, so thank you for also bringing that to my heart and spirit and for understanding the pain I go through. I am praying for you, sisters, in Christ!

    May our culture become less-isolated as we all try to deal with too much of an independent culture.

    In Jesus' name,


    Jackie from Nevada


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