Monday, December 20, 2010

The Pius X Retreat Group Blog

Pius X Retreatants... this post is all yours! Go ahead... add your comments about upcoming and past retreats. Use it as a point of communication with other members of your retreat group. Share your experiences. And be enriched by others...

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  1. My Brothers in Christ, The Malvern Experience is something that offers something different to each retreatant in times of joy or times of need. Taking the time to connect or re-charge your spiritual battery is definitely something we all NEED at some time-- and probably a little more often than we would care to ALLOW ourselves. We're guys and "We Got This" and thats good, but way down truthfully we also KNOW "HE Got This" and a little reflection is empowering and reassuring. Take the time to come out if you have not and to my companion brothers it was a pleasure seeing so many of you again weekend last and look forward to our next chance to break bread and share our life experiences. Stay Well and Pray for me please as I will for you!
    Jack J Simpson


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